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  TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92+, Voyage 200  
  Advanced Dialogs is a cross-platform (AMS and PedroM) static library for TIGCC for creating grayscale dialogs. It combines the usefulness of AMS Dialogs with the speed of TIGCC and ExtGraph, offering all standard functions (Title, Buttons, Input, DropDown, MessgaeBox etc.) and additional useful features not offered by AMS (Multiple Tabs in a dialog, Bitmaps, CheckBoxes, ProgressBars etc.).
Providing these features, Advanced Dialogs allows the easy creating of a fast and beautiful GUI for your TIGCC project.
  variable-sized Dialogs with multiple tabs and bitmaps
ineractive elements: InputBoxes, CheckBoxes, DropDown menus
MessageBox to display one-line-messages easily
ProgressBar to add animation to a process
save/restore screen